KG Industries Factory Endorsed Applicator Training

This is a 2 day 16 hour hands-on one-on-one training course. We custom tailor our courses to each individual student, so if you have zero to minimal experience or years behind a spray gun we can gear the class towards your current skill set. Our goal at the end of the day is to make you proficient in the proper application of KG Industries Gunkote. This class will be taught exclusively with only KG products, no additives such as pigments will be discussed. (That is a topic included in the advanced class) If you are just starting out, have minimal experience or you are looking to try a coating different from what you are using this is the class for you! If you are a well seasoned applicator and would like to discuss advanced topics and techniques you can take our advanced class and still receive this certificate after we go over the fundamentals and you can demonstrate proficiency in proper application. Taking our class you will gain valuable knowledge in:

  • Proper Preparation Of The Substrate
  • Various Methods Of Degreasing / Contaminate Removal
  • Different Techniques For Hanging And Racking Parts
  • Basic To Advanced Spray Gun Techniques, Servicing And Parts Replacement
  • Proper Application Techniques
  • Curing Procedures
  • Multi-color Projects, Masking, Camouflage Techniques, Stenciling Design And Application 
  • Equipment Recommendations
  • Troubleshooting And Problem Solving
  • Pricing / Job Costing In Your Area
  • Taking Pictures And Social Media
  • Various Marketing Strategies

Our classes can be scheduled for any time during the week, even weekends! We want it as convenient as possible for you to attend and will do our best to help it fit into your schedule. We are also willing to extend the work day out within reason to provide you as much possible time to learn, you are not limited by a set in stone 8-5 schedule. This type of training can be expensive especially when you factor in travel and lodging and we want you to leave knowing your money was well spent. We are located in Exeter, California approximately 1 hour south of Fresno. We can provide lodging and airport recommendations if you need them. There is no need to ship us parts ahead of time. All materials and products will be provided for you in a stress-free relaxed environment. All we ask is that you bring a good attitude, comfortable clothes and a willingness to learn. Every student will also have a selection of stainless tumblers and cups to chose from to coat in the design of their choice during class and take home with them for future reference.

Cost will be $1,000 for 16 hours of one-on-one training. A deposit of $500 is required to book a secured spot and the remainder can be paid on the day of the class.

If you are interested in enrollment or additional information send us your:

  • Name / Business Name
  • Contact Information
  • Any links to your galleries: website, social media, if you have them.



Rat’s Advanced Tricks & Techniques

My class will be taught on an individual hands-on basis separate from the KG Factory Endorsed Applicator class, where we can cover these concepts using  KG Gun Kote™ . I was also a Cerakote Certified Applicator and we can discuss these techniques using that product, but will not be physically spraying any. This class can be taken as a stand alone class or as an additional day or two after the KG Factory Endorsed Applicator class. This class will cover things like custom blending unique colors, using pigments and pearls, patina/worn look, detailed spraying and masking, airbrushing tips and tricks, and some of the techniques that set our work apart from the rest. I will discuss with each student prior to the class to determine which skills they want to learn and tailor the instruction to fit their time frame. Trust me, you can’t learn it all in one day! The class will have a per day fee and you are welcome to book multiple days to be able to fit in everything that you may want to learn. THIS CLASS IS NOT FOR BEGINNERS!! If you do not have prior experience, knowledge and skills you will only be wasting my time and yours as you will not posses the minimum skills needed for the concepts we will be covering! But I will gladly put you through the basic KG Factory Endorsed Applicator class and set you on the path to getting there! For those wanting to attend, I will be looking for individuals that already posses an advanced comprehensive skill-set and are looking to better their abilities and artistic expression. The skills and techniques I am offering took many years to develop, are proprietary to me and I won’t just share them with anyone!

For those who are serious about being enrolled, I will be looking for individuals who meet any of the items below:

  • KG Factory Endorsed Applicator with a comprehensive gallery of work that can be reviewed.
  • Cerakote™ Certified Applicator with a comprehensive gallery of work that can be reviewed.
  • Minimum of 2 years experience with a comprehensive gallery of work that can be reviewed.

Each student will also be required to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) before any instruction is given. I am only willing to pass along my knowledge to those who are willing to keep it to themselves, in an attempt to help improve the quality of work and creativity in the industry. If everyone shared the same knowledge, we would continue to see what is going on now, undercutting and sloppy work, driving down the value of what we do! I guarantee that after attending my class, you will be capable of doing way more than the typical cookie cutter work that is everywhere! We will also provide you a certificate of completion making you an official member of the “Rat Pack”!

Cost will be $750 for 8 hours of one-on-one training. A deposit of $500 is required to book a secured spot and the remainder can be paid on the day of the class. Booking 2 days minimum is required if you would also like to obtain the KG Factory Endorsed Applicator certificate.

To be considered for enrollment send us your:

  • Name / Business Name
  • Contact Information
  • Any links to your galleries: website, social media, etc.



Safety Disclaimer: Pinstriping By Rat Precision Finishes encourages parents to train their children in the lawful and safe use of firearms. Firearms painted in bright colors may look like a toy to CHILDREN! Please educate your children about gun safety and keep your firearms secured and/or in a safe to prevent unauthorized access to your firearms.  This is the end users is Responsibility to follow the Youth Handgun Safety Act and holds Pinstriping By Rat Precision Finishes harmless from the end users improper misuse.