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Our Business Hours are subject to change without notice.

Please contact us to verify that we are open before scheduling a visit to our facility.

Current Business Hours are as follows:

M-F 10 am to 6 pm PST By Appointment Only

Pinstriping By Rat has an 07 Federal Firearms License (FFL) and is able to accept firearms from anywhere in the United States including Alaska and Hawaii.

For dealers: A Copy of  our FFL is available upon request! 

Please read the shipping instructions below.

All Customers: Failure to provide a copy of the required ID documentation (FFL or Driver’s License) and/or a signed copy of the Waiver/Liability Release in the box with the gun when it is shipped will result in the in-processing of your project being delayed until we receive those items, and will also result in a $25 administrative fee added to your work total.

Before you ship your firearm please fill out the PBR Cerakote Job Form OR PBR Stippling Job Form is required will all projects along with a current copy of your driver license and a signed copy of our PBR Liability WaiverMake a copy of the Job Form for your records and include a copy in the package you are sending. We offer a PBR Lifetime Guarantee some restrictions may apply.

We will contact you when we receive your shipment and go over the work to be completed.

What to Send: If you’re only getting frame work, only send the frame (complete frame, not stripped); if you want trigger tuning, send the complete firearm, as trigger tuning includes work done on components in the slide as well. We prefer that firearms NOT be shipped to us in their factory boxes, as we have limited storage space at our shop and they can be difficult to keep track of. As such, please wrap the item(s) securely and ship them in the smallest box that will contain them. (This will also save you $ on shipping due to size/weight) If sending magazines, accessories, or any items for install, please affix a tag or piece of masking tape to each item, and write your name on it with permanent marker. We are not responsible for factory boxes, or misc. items sent unmarked.

Work Order Changes: We do our best to accommodate work order change requests when possible. However, change requests will usually delay your project, as we have to move it into a different group. Also, due to how we divide the projects into groups and work on them in stages until completion, we might be past the stage where we can implement any changes. So try to submit any change requests as soon as possible.

Project Cancellations: Custom work can only be cancelled and firearms returned if we haven’t begun to work on it yet (this includes projects sent with blank or incomplete work order forms), and will be subject to a $100 cancellation fee (plus return shipping, if applicable). Once work commences on a project (usually within 3 weeks of arrival), it cannot be cancelled; however, you can request to have certain extra-cost options eliminated (if possible) so as to reduce the final invoice total.

Recommendations: We strongly urge you to keep a copy of the work order form you filled out (or at least a list of the package/mods/turnaround time estimate) so that you can refer back to it should you be unsure of exactly what work you requested and approximately when it will be finished. We also urge you to make sure that you have no events occurring prior to the completion date that will require you to use the firearm you are sending (e.g. department qualifications), as we are not able to jump projects ahead of others to accommodate individual schedule changes/emergencies.

Payment is not due until your project is complete. However you’re more than welcome to pay in advance. We accept Checks, Money Orders (Credit card’s services are avaliable for an additional 3% charge added to your total invoice.)




  1. Long guns, Rifles, Shotguns, AR’s (rifle registered) can be shipped USPS from “private person” to our FFL VIA ground shipping with Signature Required. Please include a copy of your DL and Our completed Job form inside the box with a (customer supplied) return shipping label. 

  2. Long guns, Rifles, Shotguns, AR’s (rifle registered) can be shipped USPS from “FFL to FFL” VIA Second day shipping with Signature Required. Please include a copy of the registered owners DL, our completed Job from, and the shippers FFL with (customer supplied) return shipping label.

  3. Handguns, (AR-Pistols), Serialised Frame only, for “private person” will need to be shipped through a private carrier such as: UPS, FedEx, etc. Unless you’re using an FFL to ship your project, you can ship to us directly by using UPS or FedEx ground with signature required. Please include a copy of your DL and Our completed Job form inside the box with a (customer supplied) return shipping label. 

  4. Handguns, (AR-Pistols), Serialised Frame only, “FFL to FFL” shipping must go UPS, FedEX Second day as FFL to FFL have 72 hours from book to book. Please include a copy of the registered owners DL, our completed Job from, and the shippers FFL with (customer supplied) return shipping label. 

It is your responsibility to comply with all federal and state firearms laws and shipping company policies when sending firearms. Please check your local laws prior to shipping. This only applies to parts designated as a “firearm” or when sending a complete firearm!!

Customer is responsible for shipping costs to and from Pinstriping By Rat!

Please ship all packages “Signature Required” to:

Pinstriping By Rat
1477 Betty Street
Exeter, CA 93221

(559) 804-0653 ~ Email

If you have questions please contact us via Email or refer to our PBR Work Submission PDF.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. Project’s completed and left unpaid for over 60 day’s will incur storage fees of $50.00 a month. After 60 days a mechanics lien will be place on any projects unpaid, and can be sold to recoup the overall cost of goods and services not paid.  


 Safety Disclaimer
Pinstriping by Rat encourages parents to train their children in the lawful and safe use of firearms. Firearms painted in bright colors may look like a toy to CHILDREN! Please educate your children about gun safety and keep your firearms secured and/or in a safe to prevent unauthorized access to your firearms.  This is the end users is Responsibility to follow the Youth Handgun Safety Act and holds Pinstriping by Rat harmless from the end users improper misuse.